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At Chullora Public School, we are dedicated to providing all students with the best educational opportunities. Our Kindergarten teachers are dedicated professionals who are committed to the learning needs of their students.


All Kindergarten classes are supported by a team of highly qualified specialist teachers. Each class receives up to ten hours of in class support, to help students develop their literacy and numeracy skills.


In addition to a dedicated class teacher and specialist teachers each class receives the expertise of a Speech Pathology team and an Occupational Therapist.


The Speech Pathology team works closely with the class teacher to develop skills in phonics, phonemic awareness and aspects of speaking. They also assist in the screening of children with receptive and expressive language difficulties. All classes receive a 40 minute speech pathology class session once a week.


The Occupational Therapists works students to develop their fine motor skills. Students with additional needs are provided with additional small group support. Each class receives a 40 minute occupational therapy session a fortnight in Term 1 and Term 4.


Click on the link above to view our slide show photopeach displaying the specialist support provided to all students in each Kindergarten class.




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